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Inland Fisheries Research Group

Since the establishment of the IFRG in 2006, we have helped deliver successful fish passage outcomes in Myanmar, Lao PDR, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany, and Australia.

About Us

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The IFRG is comprised of a group of multi-institutional and multidisciplinary research scientists, technicians, engineers and managers who share the common goal of undertaking research to conserve and restore inland fisheries.

Professor Lee Baumgartner directs the IFRG, with Dr Wayne Robinson and Garry Thorncraft providing in-country leadership support for the Southeast Asian team members and partners.

Charles Sturt University provides infrastructure and administrative support to the IFRG.

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Image of About Us
About Us

Our History

Professor Lee Baumgartner started the IFRG when he first began leading a multi-institutional fish passage research project in Lao PDR in 2006.

At that stage there were a number of research scientists, engineers and managers tackling inland fisheries issues in Lao PDR and Australia, but most of them were working independently of one another and there was minimal to no collaboration among them.

Professor Baumgartner recognized this pivotal limitation, and founded the IFRG upon direct collaborations with these key experts and their host institutions.

Today the IFRG consists of fisheries experts from universities, engineering companies and government agencies across the globe.

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Our focus is on looking after fish from egg to adult stage and ensuring the sustainability of river infrastructure projects.

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