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Aquatic animal husbandry and captive breeding

Aquatic animal husbandry and captive breeding
Cold water rack.

Large-bodied aquatic animals

We are experts in large-bodied fish husbandry and breeding, and have a track record in responding to adverse events and providing emergency care to fish.

There are eight 1500-L recirculating culture systems and one 5000-L recirculating culture systems in the aquatic lab, all with polygeyser biofiltration systems, 8–32 oC temperature control, automated lighting, and UV sterilisation.

The 1,500 litre recirculating systems
A rescued crayfish being measured before being released

Small-bodied aquatic animals

We also have a proven track record in larval rearing and caring for small-bodied native and introduced species:

  • There are two 24-aquarium rack systems for housing small-bodied aquatic animals. These can support cold- (0–30 oC) and warm-water (8–32 oC) temperatures; are UV sterilised; and have automated lighting.
  • There is a larval trough system for larval fish, similarly with temperature control (8–32 oC), UV sterilisation, and automated lighting.
  • We also have a stand-alone 72 cubic metre aquatic laboratory, for quarantining sick animals and/or holding animals for extended periods at temperatures ranging from -30 oC to +30 oC. This is currently being used to house rescued Stocky galaxiids away from other species in the aquatic laboratory.
Leioptherapon unicolor (Spangled perch)

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Our focus is on looking after fish from egg to adult stage and ensuring the sustainability of river infrastructure projects.

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