Predicting the impacts of river development on fish movement and population connectivity: A case study on the Clarence River system

Project Details
Project Period
2020 - 2023
Project Funding
$26,500 (NSW DPI)
Project Location
The Clarence River, NSW, Australia

Project Summary

This project is investigating the basic movement ecology and genetic connectivity of native fish populations within the Clarence River basin. It will combine outputs from a range of complementary methods, including bio-telemetry, otolith microchemistry and genetics to examine event-based movements, landscape-scale distribution and population connectivity. Results from this research will increase the ecological understanding of these native fish populations and quantify the role of movement and connectivity for different species. They will also provide information to help understand the potential impacts of proposed riverine infrastructure development in a coastal river system.

Team Members

Project Partners

  • Dr Jason Thiem (Adjunct CSU and Fisheries NSW)
  • Dr Gavin Butler (Fisheries NSW)
  • Dr Gregory Doran (CSU)

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