FishTech: Integrating technical fisheries solutions into river development programs across South East Asia

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$4,545,454 (DFAT)
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South East Asia

Project Summary

South East Asia’s highly productive and diverse inland fisheries are currently under threat from rampant irrigation and hydropower development. Fish passage (FP) technologies have been increasingly applied to conserve and/or restore fish passage where irrigation and hydropower infrastructure impedes migratory pathways. The current project builds upon a program of work that progressed from a proof of concept (FIS-2006-183) into a more comprehensive research and implementation phase (FIS-2009-041 and FIS-2014-041), which has shown that fish passes can ameliorate the effects of river development and additionally have lasting social and economic benefits. Specifically, it seeks to facilitate greater adoption of FP technologies in Asian countries (the Mekong subregion and Indonesia, in particular) by improving capacity and governance structures; and upscaling and scaling out fish passage implementation efforts.


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  • CSU
  • DFAT

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