Next Generation Water Engineering and River Management Hub

Project Details
Project Period
Project Funding
$3,600,000 (Australian Government Regional Research Collaboration program)
Project Location
South-eastern Australia

Project Summary

The Next Generation Water Engineering and River Management Hub aims to develop solutions to the current and future problems threatening inland Australia’s waterways, including diminishing fish stocks and poor water quality. The Hub’s projects include:

  • Implementing a community-led fish tagging program
  • Field testing an innovative ‘fish pump’ to facilitate fish migrations at large dams
  • Partnering with a university in Germany to implement best-practice design of a fish-safe hydro power station
  • Partnering with an American agency that has developed a remote water-quality testing unit which provides real-time data
  • Restoring traditional fish management strategies and techniques of First Nations people in the Northern Basin

Project Partners

  • CSU
  • UNSW

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Our focus is on looking after fish from egg to adult stage and ensuring the sustainability of river infrastructure projects.

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